Our Team

Brett Heneke

Brett is a certified teacher, firefighter, father, farmer and amateur musician. Born in South Africa, raised in southern Ontario, he has spent his entire adult life in beautiful British Columbia. Brett is a dreamer, an idealist, believer in old fashion values such as courteousness and friendliness, self-sufficiency and inter-dependence. He lives those beliefs with his family in Roberts Creek on the Rolling Earth Farm, a dream come true. On the farm they raise chickens, live in nature, grow as much food as they can and cherish the forests around them.

Jorge  Rincon – Ruiz

Jorge is a gardener, father, artist, photographer, certified permaculture practitioner and translator, and was born & raised in Colombia, South America. In 2005, his travels brought him into the small village of Roberts Creek on the west coast of British Columbia where the prospects of a self-directed educational experience in Permaculture & Traditional Living Skills were made possible under the guidance of Robin Wheeler and Delvin Solkinson. A life pilgrim & dedicated permaculture student, Jorge’s multicultural life learning experiences, love for Nature and interpretive talents are a valuable resource to empower and engage kids to learn from each other and from Nature.