Rolling Earth Centre Presents

HeArth, Mind & Well-Being Nature Program

March 29 – June 18, 2021
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
9:00am to 3:00 pm


Rolling Earth Centre brings you an innovative outdoors program that explores the farm, forest and art.

Our goal is to empower students to learn about themselves through an exploration of human values, artistic skills and environmental awareness, while immersed in a safe outdoor campus and permaculture farm in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast.

The program will include weekly art themes such as earth art, photography, digital art, print media combined with permaculture education, secular ethics & daily farm related activities.

We are operating under the School Age COVID protocols. Please click to send us an email or call (604) 989-2079 with your questions and inquiries.

Our Team

Brett Heneke

Brett is a certified teacher, firefighter, father, farmer and amateur musician. Born in South Africa, raised in southern Ontario, he has spent his entire adult life in beautiful British Columbia. Brett is a dreamer, an idealist, believer in old fashion values such as courteousness and friendliness, self-sufficiency and inter-dependence. He lives those beliefs with his family in Roberts Creek on the Rolling Earth Farm, a dream come true. On the farm they raise chickens, live in nature, grow as much food as they can and cherish the forests around them.

Jorge  Rincon – Ruiz

Jorge is a gardener, father, artist, photographer, certified permaculture practitioner and translator, and was born & raised in Colombia, South America. In 2005, his travels brought him into the small village of Roberts Creek on the west coast of British Columbia where the prospects of a self-directed educational experience in Permaculture & Traditional Living Skills were made possible under the guidance of Robin Wheeler and Delvin Solkinson. A life pilgrim & dedicated permaculture student, Jorge’s multicultural life learning experiences, love for Nature and interpretive talents are a valuable resource to empower and engage kids to learn from each other and from Nature.